Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Nancy Jo is done!


Nancy I was originally going to do a pure muslin one but when I started on this Antiqued Rose repurposing apron, I kept thinking of you. Petite, very pretty with lovely little grandchildren gathered around you baking cookies. So out of it came the final Nancy Jo apron. This apron is a totally designed by me from a skirt that I had made for the 3rd grade play. I had limited fabric and used every inch of it. I had alot of fun doing this one. No seam binding, but enlarge the photo and see the tiny burgandy rosebuds at the pockets and the bodice. Oh, Andrea wanted to go outside today for her photo! It is beautiful sunny day. You can see part of the bird reserve out back. The wilderness comes right up to our back door!
Here is Nancy Jo in her apron. Look at her lovely front garden!!!

Below are a few snaps of my sewing room.

You can see my Kenmore machine by the window. I sit there and sew with the window open and a fan blowing across me. I love fresh air and the sounds of fans in the summer. Don't get me wrong...I adore air conditioning, but there is just something about fans that take me back. When my windows are open, I feel more intune with what is going on around me rather than being locked in a climate controlled sinus drying box. You can see a few new fabrics I lined up on my wicker sofa. It sits in the middle of the room. My girls sit there and watch Bewitched on DVD while I sew. We love that old TV series. Now tell the truth...who didn't want to be Samantha? Hmmmmm??? In the corner cupboard you can see my vintage rick rack and lace stash. Below that are jars of buttons, ribbons and other findings and closures. My Mom crocheted the gorgeous floral afghan on the wicker sofa! It is very special to me. My Mom crocheted it while she was on a pilgrimage, one might say, to visit the gravesite of my baby sister Kirby Lynn. Kirby went to be with the angels before I was born, so in one way this afghan is my link to her. I shall treasure it always.

The next photo is what I look out on when I am sitting at my sewing machine.
As you can see our house is surrounded with shade and woods. I also don't have anything out for the squirrels right now, those little devils are always stirring up trouble! LOL

Well just wanted to give ya'll a peek into my little sewing world.

I'm really tired today, I was up almost all night with one of my little girls. Had her at the clinic at 8am this morning when the doors opened, we shot through that door like a bullet from a gun. We got in and out seeing the MD. She has a pretty bad ear infection. Had been vomiting and screaming in pain all night. So I've had about 2 hours total sleep since last night. She is resting right now and I got a little nap in, so thought I'd visit with my farmgirl friends for a few minutes before I clean the kitchen.

Oh, in the photo with the fabrics on the wicker sofa, on the left are beautiful homespuns that I got at Wal-Mart for $2/yd. The colorful fabrics on the right will be little girls aprons. Got alot to get done! Found a fab, vintage one yard apron pattern the other day....hmmmm, on that is an apron that my mother described her mother wearing, so the Lela V is soon to be born!

Later, may you have peace (and sleep)


nancyjo said...

The Nancy Jo came out just beautiful, you sure are handy,is it a cotton. or a sateen type material? And your model, foget her name, to bad she can't see what is going on around her, but I'am sure she still enjoys feeling her skirts blow in the wind. You have a lovely sewing room and veiw. I love fresh air too, something very soothing about curtains blowing in a breeze, and smelling the fresh air.We have an air conditioner in the bedroom that we use only if its very hot, I feel so closed in when the windows are shut.
Hope your little one is feeling better, I know from when I was little, earaches are awful!! Hope you can get some rest now.

auntgeorge said...

The Nancy Jo is a tea stained cotton. The lace trim is not though, so don't use a hot iron on the lace. It is machine washable, the little ribbon roses my wear out some day though. I hope you enjoy it, oh, and I attached the shoulder straps to the waist band with buttons and button holes, so you can adjust the straps easily, just be moving the buttons. You could also tie the neck straps if you wanted to. Now, you are 5'1" and petite...right? This should fit anywhere from a size 6 to 12.

Well, I'll sleep tonight. I'm afraid if I do now, I won't sleep tonight, so off to clean the kitchen in a bit. My son has company coming in tonight, they are leaving for Bonaroo tomorrow morning.

Hugs to you too,

nancyjo said...

I can't believe you are sending me such a lovely gift, when I posted before I did not know this.I did find out on the mj site. Thankyou so much, you are just so so thoughtful, I can hardly wait until it gets here!
Looks like my comment got on your site after all, cyber space has a mind of its own.
Thankyou again, will think of you everytime I wear it.

Final thoughts...

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