Sunday, June 18, 2006

Okay, I'll post a photo of myself

This is the most recent one of me. It is my sister, me and my two daughters on mother's day this year. My mom and sis drove here to Virginia to be with us for mothers day. They live in Illinois. I love them dearly! My sis is the funniest person I know and my daughters adore her. She inherited my grandmother's storytelling ability and she is fabulous with little children. I am the blonde dressed in a pink top. My sister is in green. The two little cuties are my darling sweethearts. Oh, we are standing in my kitchen and my mom is behind the camera. Do you see the teddy on the kitchen counter. I made that for Hannah. It is just like Mr. Bean's "Teddy." She loves Mr. Bean and wanted his teddy. Well, so now you know what I look like. I wonder if I look like how I sound in writing!

Love and hugs, and my stomach is churning....I hate having my photo taken.



nancyjo said...

So glad to see a picture!! You look just as sweet as I pictured you,and I pictured you very sweet and pretty. Does you sister get to come visit often? Its so nice to have a sister, and a fun aunt for the girls, NOw tell your Mom to get in the next picture. Thanks again for posting it, you look as pretty as you are nice.

Ann said...

I agree with Nancy Jo, Georgann! No need at all to hate having your picture taken--You are very pretty and your smile is so friendly. Thanks for "sharing yourself" with us.
Phils Ann

Final thoughts...

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