Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Minerva Jane's apron

I made this apron tonight while thinking of my grandmother Minerva Jane. She was an Iowa farmgirl and wore aprons. Now she was much rounder than my dress form...which explains the really long apron ties in back! LOL....But this fabric reminded me of her. The fabric has a soft hand and is very light weight. It is vintage...not antique...but from the 60's. The rick rack is part of my find from the antique shop. It is the nicest cotton rick rack one could imagine. Can't find rick rack like this anymore! I didn't use a pattern for this apron. Just used a basic design and went for it! VERY easy for anyone to do.

This rick rack was a find! The guy at the antique shop said he was going to bring in more of the bolts, so keep checking back to see what he has. He picked up a huge lot of close outs when a long ago defunct notions manufacturer went out of business. The red one still has the original brown paper wrapping. It is a mini rick rack that must have a thousand yards on it! Do you see the little candle on top of my stereo? A very good farmgirl friend of mine made it for me. It smells heavenly.

I now have what my daughters and husband are calling my design studio. I love it!! We live in a two story colonial house with a formal living room, formal dining room and both are never used. For our 10th anniversary, I suggested that we convert the formal living room into a pool table room. My hubby nearly dropped his teeth! Never in a million years did he think I'd say that. Well since we never or very rarely have formal dinners....Ha....he suggested I convert that into my sewing area so that I didn't have to lug out my sewing machines, fabric, notions, etc every time I wanted to sew! Woo Hooo....never in a million did I think I'd here him say that!! So I now have my very own design studio! I found Andrea (my girls call my small body form Andrea) at my favorite junk shop, and dressed her in one of the costumes I made for the play...the white blouse and skirt...so that I can try the different colorful aprons on her. I have big Bertha...my body double...cloaked in another corner of the room waiting for me to resew the body cover to my exact form. Just can't wrestle it around on the floor dressing it with my hand in bad shape! LOL....now that was a site last week, like stuffing 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound bag! LOL Anyway, so much for my sewing adventures for today! Later, my friends!

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