Monday, June 19, 2006

Welcome to Aunt George's House

We had our house painted last fall, it was about time it was falling down around our ears. Had to have half of the siding replaced, the front porch had to be rebuilt. Phew.......lots of money and work, took us 5 years to save up to do the work. Anyway, I was standing out there tonight, taking Cujo out and thought, gosh, it really does look pretty, so, welcome to my front porch. We like to sit out there on the rocker....bought at my favorite junk shop....and read or watch what is going on in the neighborhood. *g* My mom painted my watering can...I just watered the pumpkins, set it there for a moment, then took this picture. See Cujo on te front porch. He's my little sweetie dog.

These are some roses and million bells I planted by the mailbox this spring. I love the coral color with the silver sage green house.

My youngest daughter brought home a cup of pumpkin seed sprouts a couple of weeks ago. Couldn't throw them out and we have no sunny garden space, so I planted them in a pot in the front yard in the sun....they are going crazy. They take alot of water, about a gallon a day. They are huge. My daughter of course is thrilled! You can see where my little Shih Tzu pees on the driveway. He hates to pee in the grass....LOL!!

This is my side front garden. Can you see the tiger lilies in bloom? I wonder if I caught a ghost in the lower right hand corner of the photo, or is it a relection off of the white porch railing. This garden is off to the right of the front porch. Hmmm come to think of it, the flash didn't go off, so maybe? There are lots of reported hauntings in Virginia. It is supposed to be one of the most haunted states!

Oh, just had to show you how my vintage pillowcases cleaned up. The ones on the right were far worse than the ones on the left. I used Mary Jane's suggestions on how to soak vintage linens. I left these in to soak for one week and they look snowy white and pristine! So Nancy Jo, get a soakin'!! Be sure to click on this picture to see a close up of the fine workwomanship that went into these pillowcases. And I only paid $3 per absolute steal! I think the discoloration turned everyone else off of buying these!! Or perhaps I just ruined the value by cleaning them, but I use the vintage things that I buy. The girls want to sleep on the clean ones tonight!

Well, started my new job today. First day of orientation done....yeah....I won a nice rolling ice chest/beach tote with the hospital's logo on it. I was the loudmouth that spoke up the most to answer questions. I'm NOT shy! LOL

Have a great night, talk to you tomorrow I hope.


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