Monday, June 12, 2006

A repurposed skirt (work in progress)

I used this fabric originally for a skirt for the third grade play, but I thought it would make a great long apron, so I cut it up and have it pinned onto Andrea. This is not yet sewn together...what do you think? I love the criss cross will be buttoned to the waistband in back like you see. I am doing a single pleat down the center front skirt rather than a gathered waist. Thought it would give it a different look. The pockets are large and placed slightly slanted coming off of the side of the apron. I might move them in a bit though when I get to the final stitching process. This one will be good for holidays! Now if it would just fit me! LOL Need to make this in a plus size, but I only had just so much fabric to work with.

Hmmm....Nancy Jo, aren't you 5'1" and petite?

Well it is cold and rainy here in Virginia today, so I thought I'd sew another apron! LOL

No really, I'm done sewing for today. Need to do some laundry and other things, so I'll sew this one perhaps tomorrow. Until then it can stay pinned on Andrea!
My youngest wore the babydoll apron to school today. She put plastic easter eggs in the pocket. I asked her why she was wearing it to school (she's in first grade) and she said today was career day and she wanted to be an organic egg farmer like Mary Jane Butters. LOL LOL.....I love my babies!!!


nancyjo said...


nancyjo said...

Hi Aunt George, I got on your blog again, now hope the next time it works too. wrote down everything I did to get on. I was on one other time and then it was a goner.That doesn't really look like a word does it?
So look for me on here once in awhile because I check here everyday, but usually respond on the mj site.

auntgeorge said...

Hi Nancy Jo! Thanks for dropping me a note on my blog. You are so kind to check it everyday, thanks for that!!

hugs back at ya!

Final thoughts...

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