Friday, June 30, 2006

Patriotic Abundant Farmgirl Apron

This apron is my newest creation! I did this one tonight. It is made from a pretty dishtowel that I found at Kohls marked down to $1 and then 1 1/2 yards of homespun I had on hand. This one is for the farmgirl who just can't get full frontal coverage from splashs! My dear Bertie in the photo has a 46" bustline and there is room for up to a 52 in bustline in this apron, without the waist line rising up! I cut the neckline in a unique fashion so that it doesn't pull on the neck. I made bias tape from the homespun and applied it around the neckline. I am considering taking a section out from the neckline and having a button closure just to add a little interest to the back neckline. It would then have a V-shape rear neckline. I think it would be really pretty.

The hemline is a hand pulled fringe.
It looks really nice and is very, very comfortable.

In celebration of the 4th of July, I'll be doing a second apron similar to this in red white and blue with an apple pie theme! I should have it done and posted by Sunday. I have been in apron withdrawal for the past week. Ahhhhh felt good to create and sew tonight! This apron was really run to create and it is really pretty in person. The colors are luscious!

Close up of the chicken on the tea towel. The tan part has an all over star print. I sewed stars all around the pocket too.

Here is to a productive July!! Thanks for dropping in and reading my blog!
Love and hugs to all,


Michelle said...

Love your apron, its is so pretty!
Thanks for commenting on my blog..the garden does have some he has done a great job!!

Phillip Lloyd said...


Great blog you've got going here. If you would like to add any comments on ladies fancy dress in my blog then feel free.

Thanks Again

Final thoughts...

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