Friday, June 16, 2006

I went shopping in my attic!

Hit the jackpot too! Found these really cute prints. My daughters want aprons out of the green tweeny print and the yellow floral prints. I also found about 7 yards of homespun in dark blue and black...not vintage though. I'm so happy I went shopping up there!

Say does anyone want that blue care bears fabric? There are about 2 yards of it, and my daughters have outgrown carebears. Email me and I will send it to you.

This next photo is of some patterns I got at the Goodwill for I think .85 each. I made that wrap dress on the left back in the early 70's and loved it is so figure flattering...well, back when I had a figure that is! LOL

This next snapshot is of an adorable set that I found in the 1/2 price bin at my favorite junk shop. It was marked $3.60, so I got it for $1.80. It is a really nice cotton baby sheet and pillow cover set. It has applique work and freehanded machine embroidery. I couldn't believe it was only $1.80 and of course, I couldn't resist it!!

One of my daughters has laid claim to this cute set, she wants to save it for her children....*g* she is only 8 right now. I am so glad that she is learning an appreciation for the past and for the work that goes into sewing, cooking and argh.....laundry!!


nancyjo said...

Love to see what you are up to. What is your junk store called?

auntgeorge said...

The junk store is called: Attic Treasures. It is run by three farmgirls! hehehe.

We all need to live close and run a store like this. It is a consignment shop.

My other favorite place is just a block away from this one it is called: Midlothian Antiques. It has about 150 booths set up and you just wander around and look at all of the different booths. I love these places. My girls love going with me. They have their favorite booths that they beeline too. Hannah always goes to the antique and vintage booths. Dani always heads to the vintage cookware. I will take some photos of these places today and post them on my blog! That way you can see where I go. The Hancock Fabrics store is right next to the Midlothain Antiques shop, so I am in heaven. And the beauty is it is less than 2 miles from my house!!

Blueridgegirl said...

If no one else asks for the care bears fabric, I'll take it off your hands. My youngest daughter is just 17 months old, and I'm sure I could make something for her!

I am going through lots of Aunt Martha's transfers on ebay... I've found a lot I want to buy (of course). Check out this woman's ebay store (704 transfers!) I've never done transfers, but I'm going to learn now!

auntgeorge said...

The fabric is yours, but when I held it up there is actually only about a yard, but for a tiny girl, that is plenty to get something out of. Just email me your address and I'll have it in the mail Monday.

Oh, I'll go and look at those transfers! My mother used to do transfers on tea towels with ball pen that look!!


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